Audi R18 LMP 2014 (RP4) | AudiStream Special

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Thank you everyone who joined our live stream featuring Audi R18 LMP 2014 (RP4)
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  1. David A Negrey
    David A Negrey
    Před 8 dny

    simply amazing about the car and how it was built and how little it was

  2. Rebecca Avery
    Rebecca Avery
    Před 10 dny

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  3. Ivvvn
    Před 14 dny

    What a starship! Love that WEC's golden era. Too bad that recent LM hypercars aren't so tecnologicaly advanced. Even worse with future LMDh, those cars will be too standardized.

  4. Michel te Braake
    Michel te Braake
    Před 15 dny

    Interessant stukje techniek.

  5. Marco van der Most
    Marco van der Most
    Před 15 dny

    Loving this! 👌👌

  6. Martin Chapman
    Martin Chapman
    Před 16 dny

    Good video

  7. TheSilviu
    Před 16 dny

    Fantastic series! I've enjoyed very much seeing that Audi group are not some "no sense of humor egg heads"! Also, I don't think combustion engine will disappear, hybrid is what is needed. Overall, electric for acceleration and combustion engine for cruising, powered accordingly, the opposite of what it's already done. So, big powerful electric engine, small batteries and small piston engine.

  8. Lazar Milenkovic
    Lazar Milenkovic
    Před 17 dny

    Misha man this video is legit one of the best ever videos that you've ever done!

  9. Jethro X
    Jethro X
    Před 17 dny


  10. Jan Hildemann
    Jan Hildemann
    Před 17 dny


  11. Performance
    Před 17 dny

    Great video 👌

  12. Brabus KING
    Brabus KING
    Před 17 dny

    Audi top💯🍑😎🐕😘😍