Driving RingTaxi is Harder than Racing a GT3 on the Nürburgring

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Today (or better said last night) Moritz and I went for a dinner at Ventisette. It was a good opportunity to catch up and see how his racing season is going so far.

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Topics and Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:52 Double Header VLN/NLS
01:08 N24 2021
01:52 First Year driving a GT3
02:15 GT3 easier than GT4/Laptimes
02:49 Classes Differences
03:46 Standings in the Championship
04:23 LMP/IMSA
05:47 Double Header VLN/NLS
06:00 I wanna drive
06:30 12 Hour Race?
07:18 Taxi Driving
08:37 Fancy Shoes
08:49 Parking Skills
09:35 Outro
10:40 Cuddles & Kisses
10:58 Food Shot


  1. Elliott Sill
    Elliott Sill
    Před 18 dny

    Friday the 5th?

  2. How to repair pendulum clocks
    How to repair pendulum clocks
    Před 18 dny

    Nice date.

  3. Omega 13
    Omega 13
    Před 19 dny

    Tell Moritz if Taxi driving is too tiring for him to teach me to drive taxi laps and I will gladly step in for him... and he can take the money I earn... win win 😎

  4. Eugene Elkin
    Eugene Elkin
    Před 20 dny


  5. Radek M
    Radek M
    Před 20 dny


  6. Shawting_
    Před 20 dny

    He's such a star! He's the only reason I watch NLS, cheer for Mr Ice cold himself.

  7. Keegan Pock
    Keegan Pock
    Před 20 dny

    Im hoping to come join you for a day while on family vacation aug 7th or 10th. Hoping to see you then. Big fan!

  8. Agent 111
    Agent 111
    Před 20 dny

    Ice Cold!

  9. Basketball Jones
    Basketball Jones
    Před 20 dny

    Big fan of Ice Cold. Glad to see him doing well

  10. dr1v3n
    Před 21 dnem

    Next video about Kuba Giermaziak and his pole position and fastest lap time of the race in NLS5! :)

  11. Lee Ryder
    Lee Ryder
    Před 21 dnem

    Nice to see you back Morris. :) Good luck and ty bro. :)

  12. Clarky Clarke
    Clarky Clarke
    Před 21 dnem

    I was lucky enough to do a lap with Moritz in the Apex M3 taxi great bloke.👌🏻Great vid as always Misha.🐶

  13. Aaron Fount
    Aaron Fount
    Před 21 dnem

    Keep it up misha. Still wish you could have come to the uk to GoodWood with pancake. 👍👍👍

  14. UQ*SeDiz
    Před 21 dnem

    The Ice Man😎🏆

  15. Michel te Braake
    Michel te Braake
    Před 21 dnem

    Bedankt voor de update over Moritz.

  16. Hamza Sherazi
    Hamza Sherazi
    Před 21 dnem

    So good to see and catch up with what ICM is up to after what feels like a great deal of time. Such a good guy, even Pancake couldn't resist him.

  17. Speedibus Rex
    Speedibus Rex
    Před 21 dnem

    The best job ever.

  18. Amber Sykes
    Amber Sykes
    Před 21 dnem

    Good luck with your racing Moritz

  19. Zyler Chapman
    Zyler Chapman
    Před 21 dnem

    Great video!! By the way, what shirt are you wearing? I would love to have one for myself!!

    1. Zyler Chapman
      Zyler Chapman
      Před 20 dny

      @Misha Charoudin Awesome, thank you so much!! I love your channel. Always a daily viewer, hahaha!! I hope to visit one day soon!!

    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 20 dny

      Nürburgring shop. Check out the official NR shop

  20. David Offord
    David Offord
    Před 21 dnem

    Actually, its a nice drive. Really great to catch up. Happy birthday, Moritz! Congratulations for all your hard work and achievements for this last year. Keep going! Out there - right now - on the track.

  21. Sanco
    Před 21 dnem

    He placed 8th today at NLS 5. Thats awesome!!

  22. Brecht Van Broeckhoven
    Brecht Van Broeckhoven
    Před 21 dnem

    I think it's especially hard for a taxi driver cause you can't built up a real rythm. Do a lap, get off, switch passengers, ... seems hard to find that focus everytime again so big up for those drivers👍👌

  23. Stephen latimer
    Stephen latimer
    Před 21 dnem

    its been gud to watch Moritz racing LMP IMSA and also on ur channel again.

  24. BadBoyMorales
    Před 21 dnem


  25. iWolfDk
    Před 21 dnem

    Pawsom pancake melding ice cold Moritz heart💜 as she have melding our 💕

  26. betaich
    Před 21 dnem

    Always great to cach up with Moritz and the friends you made along the way Misha. Especially if they are characters like Moritz.

  27. bob p
    bob p
    Před 21 dnem

    Your dog is more interesting than the cars or your driver interviews.

    1. Robert Jung
      Robert Jung
      Před 21 dnem

      @Misha Charoudin diplomatic answer 👍

    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 21 dnem

      I'm happy there is something for everyone in my videos

  28. pin9r
    Před 21 dnem


  29. Rauschi
    Před 21 dnem

    Hallo Konrad.

  30. Stobsie
    Před 21 dnem

    The man, the myth, the legend Ice cold Moritz. 💪🏻💪🏻

  31. Stefan P.
    Stefan P.
    Před 21 dnem

    Of course it is harder to drive taxi. 🚕 You drive along some clueless amateurs. In GT3 all of them are Drivers with some level of experience.

  32. baronbunni
    Před 21 dnem

    misha, I saw you in the german live stream of the Nurburgring race in the dacia. I wish you luck once again! stay safe.

    1. baronbunni
      Před 21 dnem

      @Misha Charoudin awwwwww

    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 21 dnem

      I am not driving

  33. Stuart and Jenny
    Stuart and Jenny
    Před 21 dnem


  34. Martin Chapman
    Martin Chapman
    Před 21 dnem

    Good video

    1. Mashetekiller
      Před 20 dny

      Good comment

    2. François G
      François G
      Před 21 dnem

      Good comment!

  35. JustAR
    Před 21 dnem

    Hello I'm in the mall lol

    1. JustAR
      Před 21 dnem

      @Misha Charoudin I wish lol

    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 21 dnem


  36. James
    Před 21 dnem

    Nice mercedes benz amg gt

  37. xXxH8TERxXx
    Před 21 dnem

    the livery on his gt3 looks super nice 👌🏻

  38. SoooFancier
    Před 21 dnem

    If driving a taxi is hard, then im driving the Dacia Logan cup. Because its 'easier'

  39. Tristan
    Před 21 dnem

    I see Moritz, I like. Easy

  40. Laukinis83
    Před 21 dnem

    Long time no see!