Nürburgring Castle Winter Special!

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Auta a dopravní prostředky

Good morning, Carmrades! Today I have a special treat for you, the "Castle Vlog" Winter edition. Enjoy!
Topics and Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro & Outside walk
05:23 Inside the Walls
09:17 Special Media Requests
10:30 Tower Climb
12:11 Tower Top
16:31 ASMR Bonus
Song: www.epidemicsound.com/track/tvzGgUbEyv/
Thank you for the pictures Borre: borre_z
OG Castle Vlog: cstree.info/block/video/ma-mtq2geaKlkKo.html
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  1. Misha Charoudin
    Misha Charoudin
    Před 18 dny

    In case you've missed the OG Castle Vlog: cstree.info/block/video/ma-mtq2geaKlkKo.html

  2. Burkhard Bickmann
    Burkhard Bickmann
    Před 11 dny

    This is not the Nürburgring castle, it is the Nürburg castle, without "ring" :) The castle was build long long before someone even thought about automobiles 😂

  3. James Wohler
    James Wohler
    Před 15 dny

    Great vlog really beautiful scenes. Funny the best ambassador to Nurburgring is Russian.

  4. JJ
    Před 15 dny

    Ring King for a day

  5. Randall Mason
    Randall Mason
    Před 15 dny

    The Sheilas will be knocking Your doors down after those shots!

  6. UniT X
    UniT X
    Před 16 dny

    If you own a castle...shouldnt you be called a King or at least a Lord? ....Castle owner? I would be offended :D

  7. Don Starnes
    Don Starnes
    Před 16 dny

    Rhyme Ice! (on the bushes) Nice!

  8. Tony Mattisson
    Tony Mattisson
    Před 16 dny

    Breathtaking views from the castle! And we swedes where nasty in one point in history as well. Hard to imagine these days I think. My grandma on fathers side where russian. So a little mix LOL. But my family tree on my fathers side and on grandpa is going back to 1600s which is kind of cool I think.

  9. maY
    Před 16 dny

    I wonder if those old Knights and Soldiers of the days, when the castle was new, also broke the ice of the castle-walls.

  10. Luke Hildreth
    Luke Hildreth
    Před 16 dny

    I appreciated that ray tracing comment haha

  11. Agent 111
    Agent 111
    Před 16 dny

    Tier 1 Top of the World!

  12. alexmat106
    Před 16 dny

    Expected food-shot but ice-cracking will also do

  13. Daniel Jakovleski
    Daniel Jakovleski
    Před 17 dny

    It's a thing called gloves... maybe you should try it when is cold 😝😜

  14. Mike Sherlock
    Mike Sherlock
    Před 17 dny

    A video of non stop food shots one day then a 2nd castle vlog, it's like you're spoiling us.

  15. Stöpfel W
    Stöpfel W
    Před 17 dny

    Second channel only for ASMR ice cracking videos ? 😂

  16. giorgio kuhn
    giorgio kuhn
    Před 17 dny

    Hallo Misha, nice castle vlog

  17. 081588101
    Před 17 dny

    15:20 uuuhhh Misha, you still free tonight? :*

  18. g4rr377
    Před 17 dny

    10/10 TripAdvisor rating for a tindr date with Boosted Boris on the castle

  19. Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor
    Před 17 dny

    Sensational Video Misha, the view from the Tower are unreal.

  20. Leandros Komninos
    Leandros Komninos
    Před 17 dny


  21. BNE Exotics
    BNE Exotics
    Před 17 dny

    Best Vlog Of 2021 !! Absolutely beautiful, thank you very much for making it Misha 🙏 Looking forward to the snow track construction video, loving the content mate 👍

  22. mark pearson
    mark pearson
    Před 17 dny

    Keep the brilliant content coming Misha, unfortunately I lost my job yesterday so my return to the Nürburgring has been moved a little further back. Your videos will keep me sane during this time until I can return again.

  23. Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis
    Před 17 dny

    Hi Misha, great video. I will definitely do the castle when I come. Have you seen the app Stereo, you could do a live summit/ podcast with Robert and get live questions from your fans. Take a look.

  24. rod750
    Před 17 dny

    Wow the video from the phone is very good - nicer on the eyes that the gopro. Could you take a drive through Adenau in the GR? My grandmother came from Adenau after WW2 to Australia and would occasionally recount stories of life there, car races at the 'ring and some of the drivers staying at their guesthouse. There's no Google streetview for me to virtually tour. My GR arrives in around three weeks and I'm looking forward to it...!

  25. J O
    J O
    Před 17 dny

    You could be the next great urban explorer, Misha! Or even the next Rick Steves! LOL! Thank you for braving the frightful weather to give us a castle tour, and an incredible view of the countryside.

  26. Phat Laz
    Phat Laz
    Před 17 dny

    This will get the wife watching .

  27. Kenny Bellau
    Kenny Bellau
    Před 17 dny

    Thank you for this one Misha! Amazing to see such a place from my sofa in New Orleans.

  28. Flaming Hedgehog
    Flaming Hedgehog
    Před 17 dny

    Looks just like here in Australia except for the snow and ice and that it's not on fire 😆

  29. Flaming Hedgehog
    Flaming Hedgehog
    Před 17 dny

    Misha, What camera is this filmed on?

    1. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 17 dny

      Gopro 9, you can see it later in the video

  30. Lee D
    Lee D
    Před 17 dny

    In the middle of watching, I was compelled to stop it, and before I forget, compliment you ! Compliment you again how great it is, that you highlight the trash and throw it in the garbage, on camera. I do this ALL the time, and when I do it, I make sure others see me so if they are closet litter'ers themselves, they'll feel guilty, or others who don't little, let them see that others do it, and let them feel that it's ok for them to do it too. Seriously... Misha, you're f'cking awesome!

    1. Lee D
      Lee D
      Před 17 dny

      outstanding "cinematography" , if I can say that, but you know what I mean. Love that you included the ending shots, even though you formally finished.

  31. Mat Gee
    Mat Gee
    Před 17 dny

    As an Australian it seems impossible to me that anywhere could be so cold.

  32. Daniel Kang
    Daniel Kang
    Před 17 dny

    LOLLL Misha... Your tinder pics 😂🤣 you been off the track for too long!

  33. iWolfDk
    Před 17 dny

    Where is Sir Stamp?

    1. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 17 dny

      I guess working

  34. Daniel Kang
    Daniel Kang
    Před 17 dny

    When the weather is clear and the track is running, can you actually see the cars going around from the castle's view points? What a beautiful structure

    1. g4rr377
      Před 17 dny

      Not anymore. The tree's cover too much. You can hear the cars going around the areas of the track. Which is very cool. If worth going to Nurburg just for the castle and to see cool cars drive round

  35. Anthony
    Před 17 dny

    Looks like you're going to need a lot of Liqui Moly De-Icer !!! That's a stunning view from the Castle, Misha!

  36. phillip chandler
    phillip chandler
    Před 17 dny

    Very interesting diversion. You can really understand how strategically important the castle location was with those fantastic commanding panoramic views over the near and distant terrain. Those freezing conditions going to play havoc with the track surface.

  37. Air 8orne
    Air 8orne
    Před 17 dny

    I love the Eifel in the Winter! It's sooo amazing!

  38. BMW M2
    BMW M2
    Před 17 dny

    I think you're just running out of ice to break at ground level. Beautiful views but too cold for my thin blood. In Arkansas we are 29F now (430PM) and expect to drop to 1F by Monday with 6-12" of snow expected. This is in a city where people go crazy with one a threat of snow and has no realistic way to remove this much. So you stay home until it melts on next Friday when it gets to 41F.

  39. Nick Hall
    Nick Hall
    Před 18 dny

    You managed to get down the ladder from the top without hitting your head, no easy task!

  40. Paul Krapp
    Paul Krapp
    Před 18 dny

    The Nürburgring truly is a magical place! Thank you for the winter content! Your videos are always enjoyable.

  41. nissansilviakouki
    Před 18 dny

    24h Race from the castle would be amazing to watch

  42. CarsAndRacetrackS
    Před 18 dny

    looks like you have developed an ice breaking obsession . You might wanna get yourself a big freezer for the summer to put your hand in so you don't get withdrawal symptoms :-)))

  43. Billy Hess
    Billy Hess
    Před 18 dny

    Hey Misha, I have these Begleri heated ski gloves that I got from Amazon for about $80 usd. Cleveland Ohio winters are brutal, but my hands stay perfectly warm, even when walking along the little 60 mile by 250 mile lake Erie with crazy cold wind chills... I highly recommend them for doing anything outdoors in the cold!

  44. Brendan Fleming
    Brendan Fleming
    Před 18 dny

    Nice vlog Misha!

  45. moparedtn
    Před 18 dny

    Gorgeous location with an amazing history. Thank you for bring it to us, Misha! I'll have to pass on the cold and frozen part, though (I detest winter. It's best experienced through pictures and videos). -Ed on the Ridge

  46. wayne burgess
    wayne burgess
    Před 18 dny


  47. nirfz
    Před 18 dny

    13:13 i would guess you can call it Blitzableiter or Blitzfangstange... (lightning arrestor) And additional 👍 for the decent behaviour reminders in the video!

  48. Henning Andersson
    Henning Andersson
    Před 18 dny

    P1800-vlog some day soon...?

    1. Henning Andersson
      Henning Andersson
      Před 17 dny

      Love it. It's so beautiful!

    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 17 dny

      Later in the year when I'll get to drive it on track.

  49. Scale Crawl NL
    Scale Crawl NL
    Před 18 dny

    Magnificent building in a spectacular and beautiful backdrop, greatly appreciated, thanks!

  50. Vampirebear13
    Před 18 dny

    It's looks so beautiful there !!!!!

  51. Andrew Gibbs
    Andrew Gibbs
    Před 18 dny

    Castle vlog 2020 seems 5 minutes ago!

  52. Amber Sykes
    Amber Sykes
    Před 18 dny

    Nice video. Great views. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

  53. FireEye 3405
    FireEye 3405
    Před 18 dny

    Beautiful and quiet.

  54. Jon Cooper
    Jon Cooper
    Před 18 dny

    Misha, Are you feeling alright. ANOTHER castle video. From your Tinder shots you are clearly looking for some love. I'm just sending my thoughts, hope you get better soon.

  55. vajdasagi
    Před 18 dny

    the 2 negative comment was from Rinus and Justin lol

  56. TheGroundRoof
    Před 18 dny


  57. Glider 123
    Glider 123
    Před 18 dny

    I can't imagine how cold, dark and dreary it would have been to live in that castle in the 1600's!

  58. TheLegendaryLbuck12
    Před 18 dny

    Need more tinder shots

  59. Clif Bradley
    Clif Bradley
    Před 18 dny

    What happened to our exclusive about improvements on the track?

    1. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 17 dny


  60. adriatica
    Před 18 dny

    oh that'd be my perfect date : the castle 🏰 and the ring... a lap I mean 🚙 💨

  61. BadBoyMorales
    Před 18 dny


  62. BadBoyMorales
    Před 18 dny

    Omg fuckin god. CASTLE vlogggggggggggg 2.0

  63. raheel zahir
    raheel zahir
    Před 18 dny

    Wow this is beautiful 😍 omg I wish Texas looked like this 😂

  64. thomas bryce
    thomas bryce
    Před 18 dny

    Goood Morning Misha.. GREAT Vlog on Nurburgring Castle dude! 👍😎👍 History was my favorite subject in my young days at High School so I found this video very interesting & informative. Wow..awesome scenery from the castle too! LOVE Ya Work bro Godbless, ava gday🙂

  65. Joaquin V.
    Joaquin V.
    Před 18 dny

    We thank you for you sacrifice in crunching ice off the rocks and freezing your hands Quality stuff

  66. clarky clarke
    clarky clarke
    Před 18 dny

    Those tinder pics Misha 😂😂😂👌🏻

  67. MCRL
    Před 18 dny

    Entrepreneurs Awards 2021: Fancy Holes Packages

  68. SooFancier
    Před 18 dny

    The most "exclusive" video i have ever wtached

  69. C Johnson
    C Johnson
    Před 18 dny

    Misha storms castle...Jack Frost beat you there!

    Před 18 dny

    The bill for damaging the wall will be €25,000 could always ask a certain influencer for a loan 🤣

  71. Paul Mullen
    Paul Mullen
    Před 18 dny

    #f**k rinus & justin

  72. Pete Evers
    Pete Evers
    Před 18 dny

    although i live in the snowbelt in Ontario Canada our snow is dry and powdery , so i am guessing that your snow is damp and globby. when it snows we very rarely get the freezing rain component that makes your ice buildup on the landscape such a joy to you.

  73. Oisin Murray
    Oisin Murray
    Před 18 dny

    "Views on views" - The Stradman

    1. Scrom
      Před 18 dny

      i watchid strademen hahhaha i understand these joke

  74. David Ball
    David Ball
    Před 18 dny

    yes, the views are amazing from the top, but god my vertigo was starting sat behind my desk. i'd get to the tower base and i'd stop there me & castle towers don't get on after being scared senseless up one at Harlech castle in mid wales, never liked hights since that day :(

  75. Michel te Braake
    Michel te Braake
    Před 18 dny

    Wat maakt winterweer een omgeving sprookjes achtig :-)

  76. Truth Critically Think
    Truth Critically Think
    Před 18 dny

    #1 Can I live there for free. #2 Can I have a free lifetime membership to the green hell? #3 Can I go to Apex for any car I want for free until I die #4 When I do eventually die, can Apex bring my body on ride alongs until you guys start to get creeped out? I know I'm not asking for much but see if you can make it happen , Thank You

  77. DestroyerGT
    Před 18 dny

    Not a hill, but a vulcanic cone. You should check out the view at the Kaiser Wilhem tower at Hohe Acht as well. Great view of the Nurburgring. A great walk as well.

  78. Auto Addict
    Auto Addict
    Před 18 dny

    Woo Hoo !!! Castle Vlog is back in style 👌🏼😎 Thank You Comrade 👍🏼

  79. Methmal dhananjaya
    Methmal dhananjaya
    Před 18 dny

    Is just me or Misha look way smaller and shorter when he's vlogging? 😂

    1. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 18 dny

      It's because I hold my cam above me

  80. bdrakman
    Před 18 dny


  81. Chris Darlington
    Chris Darlington
    Před 18 dny

    Wow that place is very cool! Thanks for showing us around Misha. 👍🤟🏻

  82. Max Emig
    Max Emig
    Před 18 dny

    So cool to see you on the castle again! If the weather is OK I’m going to visit (the region) it next week:)

  83. cline jansen
    cline jansen
    Před 18 dny

    When I come to apex I will definitely take a family package photo shoot sounds like a great idea

  84. Sérgio Guerra
    Sérgio Guerra
    Před 18 dny

    For sure breaking ice is addictive. One more excellent video off the track.

  85. nismofromrus
    Před 18 dny

    Meanwhile in Russia...-30C...my subaru is frozen(

  86. Benjamin Watson
    Benjamin Watson
    Před 18 dny

    Castle tours have been on my bucketlist for years. The views from the Castle were incredible.

  87. SarahTheDutchRebel
    Před 18 dny

    The only thing I don't like about this weather is that one of my shock absorbers froze. Otherwise its really nice and pretty :D

  88. Sumit Shingole
    Sumit Shingole
    Před 18 dny

    If I am being right, 'Moon over the castle' Reffers to Nurburing because of this castle.

  89. Lee Ryder
    Lee Ryder
    Před 18 dny

    Wow! Stunning it was only that bad in Germany in Berlin 1989/90 the rest was more like the UK winter. Our worst was only -3 this year in the north of the UK. The pictures at the end bad laughing. :)

  90. Scalachi123
    Před 18 dny

    Great change of pace terrific view

  91. ayrton senna disciple
    ayrton senna disciple
    Před 18 dny

    Amazing views.how are house prices near the ring ,expensive?

    1. ayrton senna disciple
      ayrton senna disciple
      Před 18 dny


    2. Misha Charoudin
      Misha Charoudin
      Před 18 dny

      Depends. Nürburg impossible. Adenau ok. Other villages cheap af.

  92. Gregorio Nocco
    Gregorio Nocco
    Před 18 dny

    lol i spent my whole morning lapping nurb on iracing, and i swear every time i was on the straight i was wondering if the castle was accessible. and now you post this, ffs this is scary.

  93. tutelarius
    Před 18 dny

    Automotive ASMR is the best kind :D

  94. Peter B.
    Peter B.
    Před 18 dny

    Second castle vlog? Is this even real?

  95. Dariune
    Před 18 dny

    how is boosted boris doing? still fighting crapitalists with his ushanka?

  96. CW
    Před 18 dny

    Only 3 euros to see history like that, that's so cool. I wish i had the means to go visit some day.

  97. Carlo Casetti
    Carlo Casetti
    Před 18 dny

    Very cool i Love the Eifel 😍👍

  98. Dx4picco
    Před 18 dny

    but why dunlop? where are the michelin gloves from the tier 1 influencer contract?🤙

  99. Captain_Context
    Před 18 dny

    Soooo. That castle looks like it has had better days. Why doesnt Roberts company fix it up?

  100. Fct 8306 On Two Wheels
    Fct 8306 On Two Wheels
    Před 18 dny

    Notes taken! Definitely a destination